Become a better You

Our Philosophy

We pursue one goal:

To make you as strong and as powerful as possible without putting your health at risk. 

The philosophy behind our hybrid-training is based on 6 primary elements. It aims at a holistic development of your physical skills and your aesthetic appearance. In addition, it emphasizes a transfer of knowledge with regard to training, performance enhancement, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


Our workouts include the best elements of CrossFit®, powerlifting, bodybuilding and functional training in our training philosophy. We do not overrate any specific form of training just because it is trendy or is currently selling well. We aim at a holistic development and our training protocols are therefore especially versatile and multifaceted in order to cover as many different training parameters as possible. Despite our pursuit of enhancing your performance to the max, we do live by the credo “form over weight”. The hunt for personal records is mostly set aside, since potential risk of injury and actual benefit tend to be in bad relation.


Our unique hybrid training does therefore not solely aim at specific improvements of you physical basic skills, but is additionally targeted at radically changing you physical appearance over time. Pure performance training is not enough to form bodies which meet our aesthetic aspirations. This is why we rely on sophisticated training principles form bodybuilding and bodyshaping in our hybrid training as well in order to stimulate muscle hypertrophy and to form your body according to your personal vision.


Our professional communication of knowledge in aspects of nutrition, diet and supplements will support you concurrently and lay the foundation for your physical as well as aesthetic success. It is important to us to share our knowledge with you. Our various workshops, e.g. on proper form and technique or nutrition, will help you find your individual way since you will only be successful in the end if you understand why you are doing something. 

Flexibility & Mobility

Learn about fascial release training and mobilize your locomotory system to lay the foundation for the clean and safe execution of training movements. Reaching the greatest range of motion possible is directly connected with training effect, efficiency of movement and maximum performance. This is why mobility training should always be integral to any professional training protocol. We help you reach a basic understanding of various fascial release and mobility techniques and how to incorporate them time-efficiently into everyday life and your training regiment. 

Skills & Abilities 

Based on our holistic approach we are not only interested in improving e.g. your maximum power or your endurance. We equally aim at producing bodies which are indeed aesthetically impressive but are not capable of doing anything outside the gym. This is why we confront you again and again with new and totally unfamiliar movement patterns and exercises which will enhance your coordinative skills and calibrate especially important movement patterns like landing after jumps.


You will never reach your full potential, neither physically nor aesthetically, if you do not possess adequate nutritional strategies. As it is with training, there are many different approaches in nutrition as well. You will gain professional and scientifically validated knowledge in our workshops and seminars on diet and nutrition which will enable you to reach your personal goals.

Persistency is the key. There are no shortcuts and there is nothing more functional than lifting heavy-ass weights in proper form in as many different ways as possible day in day out.