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No matter what goals you are pursuing, we help you achieve these goals without getting lost on detours. Our hybrid training will not only change your aesthetic appearance but your complete physical performance as well. We do not focus on specific improvements but aim at an optimal and holistic development in as many different aspects of your physical performance as possible. 

Don´t just work out – create a whole new version of yourself.


Move like a CrossFitter.

Lift like a Powerlifter.

Eat like a Bodybuilder.

Live like a Predator.

We pursue one goal: To make you as strong and as powerful as possible without putting your health at risk. 

The philosophy behind our hybrid-training is based on 6 primary elements. It aims at a holistic development of your physical skills and your aesthetic appearance. In addition, it emphasizes a transfer of knowledge with regard to training, performance enhancement, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

The cage

Welcome to our fully equipped training facilities which are designed to cater for all individual needs as well as modern group training setups. Pump yourself through tons of relentless steel, let bumper plates drop to the floor loudly, swing kettlebells relentlessly, pull yourself through the air via TRX suspension trainers and boldly engage in merciless cross training sessions, which will leave you gasping for air.


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